What kids are saying:

"I love Red Cat Science! It's awesome!" {Olivia, age 8}

"I want to be a scientist" {Noah, age 6}

What parents are saying:

About our kits:

"My seven year old son got his first science box from Red Cat Science recently. Over the years he has received lots of "toys" and often the box they come in ends up being more interesting than the contents. Not this time however!!!!

Once opened we had a look together at the online instructions. They were very simple to understand and easy to follow, so he was able to do the experiments by himself which he thoroughly enjoyed.

After he had done the experiments described in the kit my son and his sister together did lots of experiments of their own and had lots of fun making things froth and bubble.

The test tubes and accessories are now placed proudly on his desk in his "lab" and he still uses them.  Thank you to Red Cat Science for providing something for children which is truly enjoyable and a great learning experience.  {Sasha, mum to Sam aged 7}

About our holiday program:

"What a wonderful idea! My 6 year old loved his day at Red Cat Science's vacation programme. He came home happy, tired and full of stories. Will definitely be sending him again next holidays. Highly recommended. Thank you Sarah!"

{Kerry, mum to Noah age 6}

"The holiday club program is amazing and really affordable.  Your fun and very educational science experiments have really sparked a love of science in Olivia. She even taught me a thing or two" 

{Caroline, mum to Olivia age 8}

"I would like to say a special thank you to you and your team for such a wonderful opportunity for our children to use their imaginations, have fun and meet new people whilst delving into the wonderful world of science. We look forward to attending more of your workshops in the next holiday period." 

{Carol, mum to Joshua age 9}


"I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the fantastic science session you delivered on Friday afternoon at Coomera Springs state School. The children thoroughly enjoyed the hands on activity and are still raving about the snow. Once again, thank you."

{Simone, Year 3, Senior experienced teacher, Coomera Springs State School}

And even politicians!

"I would like to congratulate you not only on your passion, but for the fact that you have turned it into a programme that is reaching out to young people and getting them engaged in STEM" {Karen Andrews Federal Assistant MP for Science}

" I really enjoyed seeing first hand the great work you're doing with STEM" Karen Andrews MP

" I really enjoyed seeing first hand the great work you're doing with STEM" Karen Andrews MP