Christmas special

Christmas is about having fun with the family.png
Christmas is about having fun with the family.png
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Christmas special


Chemistry starter kit contains:

Test tube rack

5 test tubes

safety glasses

Household chemicals to test for an acid, test for a base and do a neutralisation reaction! 

Includes colour changing foam!

Christmas kit contains:

Make a crystal candy cane tree decoration

Discover non-Newtonian custard

Make your mum a pressie - bath bombs!

Candy chromatography

STEM Challenge: Help Santa drop his presents down the chimney without breaking them!

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For Christmas we have our Christmas kit and our Chemistry starter kits available for pre-order now.  They will be shipped on 15 December. Christmas special: buy 2 kits for $40.00!  Save $10.00! (Excl. shipping)

Eg: Buy 2 Chemistry starter kits for $40.00 or buy 1 Christmas kit + 1 Chemistry Starter kit for only $40.00 (excl. shipping)

If you have the mama+me promo code for a free rocket, please add a rocket kit into your basket to collect it!