Happy Valentine's

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Rose petal perfume:

What you will need:

·         Two rose flowers

·         125 ml of boiling water

·         1/2 Tablespoon of rubbing alcohol or vodka

·         Spray bottle

What to do:

1.       Get an adult to boil 125ml of water for you and pour it into an insulated cup.

2.       Cut or tear the petals into the cup and mix them well.

3.       Let the mixture cool then add half a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol.  (For best results leave this mixture for a couple of days, stirring every now and then.)

4.       Strain the perfume into a spray bottle and discard the petals.

5.       Enjoy your beautiful perfume!

The science behind it:

The reason that roses smell beautiful is because they contain essential oils within their petals.  This oil is what gives the flower its scent to attract bees and other insects to pollinate it.  We can extract the essential oils by heating them up and letting them dissolve into the water.  The alcohol is added to the water to help the rose essential oil to prevent the solution from going off (it’s a preservative).  The alcohol is also vitally important for the perfume to work once it has been sprayed on our skin.  Alcohol is much more volatile than water, which means it will evaporate more easily than water.  When the alcohol evaporates it carries the scent of the roses with it.