My story: 

I am a mum, wife and teacher.  I have been a science teacher for the past 16 years and I have taught in South Africa, England and Australia.  I LOVE Science but my passion is sharing my love of science with kids.  I started Red Cat Science because I want to fuel their innate curiosity about the world around them through experimentation or play with science.  I am particularly passionate about encouraging girls to embrace  STEM subjects.  I hope to be a role model to girls and young women and show them that they CAN so STEM.

Red Cat Science is an award winning program that includes Saturday & homeschool classes, holiday activities and science kits. I have a wonderful team of scientists that work with me to bring learning through experimentation.

Are you kids always asking why? We’d love to invite your child along to our school holiday program! 

Red Cat Science is proud to be partnered with Tech Girls are Superheroes and Gold Coast Techspace.